8 Tips to Reduce Stress

8 Tips to Reduce Stress

I woke up the other day and noticed my chin and the side of my face had broken out pretty bad and I’m not happy about it to say the least. I don’t want to toot my own horn but real talk… my skin is normally fairly flawless. At first I blamed this on the stresses of moving and getting everything in order for the start of law school. Which could partially be true, but in all honestly I know it’s because my routine has gone to the waste side. I haven’t signed up for the gym in my new city, which means a lack of exercise. I haven’t been eating the best and drinking enough water. And I haven’t found a church to attend. All of these things in combination with moving across the country and everything that comes with that, has built up enough stress for my face to be the victim of an outbreak. This led me to this post. It’s better to find out your routine and what releases stress now rather than waiting until the stress hits in law school and you find an unhealthy way to cope. Here are a couple things to try and implement into your routine to help with stress.

  1. Eating a balance diet – Balance is the key here. Which means 80/20. Maybe for you that’s 2 cheat meals a week, maybe it’s a small sweet treat for dessert every night. Find out what works for you. I can speak from experience that my eating habits effect my mood and my energy levels.

2.  Get your body moving – This doesn’t mean you have to join a gym, although that’s my go to. There are tons of great apps you can download that have workout routines for you. If you enjoy more physical activity outdoors, try going for a walk along the beach, a hike up in the mountains,or you can join a sport. Whatever you do just make sure your moving to release the stress that gets built up in the body.


3.   Pray – I always feel better after I’ve had a conversation with God. Because I haven’t joined a church in my new city, I use my Bible app. The app has different lesson plans that you can read or listen to and there is a wide variety of topics to choose from dealing with stress to finances. 

4.   Meditate – A lot of people find meditation hard because they can’t sit still that long or they get bored.Meditation, just like anything you want to get good at takes practice. There are apps and podcasts that can assist you with guided meditation. It is peaceful about clearing your mind, in silence, alone. After your done you’ll feel less stressed and your body will feel more centered.

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5.   Foam Roll – So I started doing this pretty consistently at the beginning of this year and I will never go back. Sometimes I do it twice a day because it makes me feel so good. Talking about it makes me what to go grab mine now and get to rolling lol. Foam rolling is used to release the tension in your muscles and it’s also a mini self-massage that feels oh so good. I inserted the one I use, which was less than $20 and I got it from Amazon. Click the picture if you want to get the same one. 

6.  Yoga – I tend to do yoga on Sunday’s as my rest day and it works out for me perfectly because I just use YouTube. Shoutout to Yoga with Adrienne. If this is something you want to do consistently, look into joining a yoga studio. There are so many different types of yoga. Some yoga practices have more or less movement. If you need a good sweat, try hot yoga. I love the cold lavender towels afterwards 🙂


7.   Take a Bath – This is something I try and do every Sunday at the end of my Sunday. I set the optimal mood by playing the perfect playlist (I created my own playlist on Spotify called Bathtime 🛀🏽. Briemayers if you want to follow me), lighting a candle and putting on a face mask. In my bath I love using Dr. Teal’s pink himalayan epsom salt and Dr. Teal’s coconut oil bubble bath with a bath bomb from LUSH. My go-to’s are Sex Bomb and Over and Over. 

8.  Write – I love writing, hence this blog. I always feel a release when there’s a lot of things on my mind and I get them all out of my mind and on paper. Write how you’re feeling, write a letter to someone you have an issue with, write out all the things you need to get done for the week. One thing you will come to learn about me is that I love music. I have a playlist for everything, even one for when I’m writing. My go-to Spotify playlist for this is Chill Lofi Study Beats. 


Figure out what works for you and stick to it. Work some of these into your daily/weekly routine to help with the stress when it kicks up during study period. Let me know how some of these worked out for you if you try them.

Happy Relaxation

Your fave,
Breanna Nicole

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