First Week in Law School

First Week in Law School

I went into the first week bright eyed and ready to go! Definitely didn’t expect sooooo much reading in the first week. Pause. Can we talk about the assignments due prior to the first day though?? Too much. I made the mistake in only doing the readings for Monday before the first day. Fail on my part because the 50 pages I had to read for Tuesday I spent all day Monday after class reading. My thought process was read Monday’s assignments on Saturday, Tuesday’s on Monday and so on. This can cause fatigue to come on real quick. Anyways, let’s get into the classes. First off let me start off by saying I only have two classes a day, each about a little under 2 or right at 2 hours. And I don’t start class until 10:05. Yaaaasssss. Although I’m still up by 6:15 to hit the gym, shower and eat before heading to class.

Civil procedure

So prior to taking this class I heard it’s everyone’s least favorite class. I actually find myself liking it. Of course it’s only been week one and all we’ve covered is personal jurisdiction but I think the professor makes the class interesting and he doesn’t make you feel dumb if you were thinking something different. He’s pretty lax as far as the Socratic method is concerned. He allows two passes as long as you let him know prior to class starting. What I like the most is he’ll use layman’s terms in order to break down cases that are from the dark ages. I swear the hardest part in reading some of these cases is interpreting language from the 1800’s. There will be a mid term for this class that doesn’t count towards are grade but is required which has a pro and con but I rather know how I’m doing half way through without it counting then doing not to hot half way through and having it count. Next week he’s dedicating a whole class to the Myers Briggs test which will help us in deciding what type of law would fit best with our personality. 


Word on the street is the professor for this class is a hard grader and I went into this class thinking she was going to be a bit intense. She isn’t in the least bit and I like her style with her purple hair lol. Contracts is my favorite class so far but I’ll update you again after the semester is over since we’ve really only gotten through contract formation. This professor is somewhat lax on the Socratic method as well because if she does call on you and you don’t have an answer for something you can use a life line (call on your “buddy”) to help you out with the break down of the case. There is also a mid term for this class but it actually does count. Overall, I like the class because it seems like the material is coming easier to me than civil pro and criminal law. Speaking of…

Criminal law

Ya’ll the introduction information for this class is very easy as far as how the criminal justice system works and the hierarchy. I’m a criminology major so a lot of the foundation information is a given. But the actual application of a lot of the statues is just too much. I thought this was going to be my easiest class. WRONG! It’s the most time consuming and there’s just so many things involved as far as the elements and factors that go into each statue and then breaking down those elements to each situation. It makes my brain hurt which is why I do my criminal law readings first before I touch anything else because I want to get it out the way. As far as my professor goes she’s A1! She’s like my contracts professor where she allows you to have a buddy to call on if you need help with delivering a case. She’s the only professor that requires us to stand while delivering the elements to a case which makes sense since criminal law is mostly trial based. She was a prosecutor and a defense attorney and believes that she’s won every case because as long as justice was served she’s done her job. She’s my second favorite professor with my civil pro professor being my fave. 

Research and Writing 1

Sooooo I expected this to be fairly laid back. Not so much. There’s a ton of reading that has to be done for this class as well as tons of tests to check our understanding of the reading. This is the class that is actually going to make me become an outstanding writer in the legal profession though. The professor for this class has her PhD in human communication focusing on legal communication, law and rhetoric. She’s a beast when it comes to orchestrating a legal argument. So even though this isn’t my favorite class it’s definitely a class I take my time on because I want to become an excellent researcher and I want to be able to construct awesome memos when I get out into the legal field and have to start submitting work to senior attorneys. The actual work we do I feel like is a lot compared to the work that other research writing classes in my section are doing but I trust the professor and can only hope it’s for our benefit. There are about 10 graded assignments for this class as well as post tests for after reading a certain amount of chapters. The post tests aren’t counted towards are grade so of course I feel like it’s a waste of time but I’m trusting it.

First Day of School Outfit

I’ve decided that I’m treating school like a job because I mean let’s be real, it is a job. I actually spend more time at school then I did when I was working full time at my corporate job. But I figure if I “work” Monday thru Friday, which I have no classes on Friday so it actually gives me a full day to do assignments, then I won’t feel so overwhelmed and fatigued. Saturday and Sunday I have to myself to do all my errands and chores and catch up with friends. On Friday this week I was able to get my assignments done for Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday (still have to read for criminal law – 30 pages ugh and a short case for contracts). Now that I’m ahead I feel a lot better because I can spend most of my day Thursday and all of my day Friday getting started on the following weeks assignments and readings. 

I got my student ID as well as my parking pass and a rape whistle this week. My school is super open to the public. Like in a neighborhood open so I appreciate the rape whistle cause you never know. But as far as my student ID…. let’s just say I went OD on the highlight cause my face looks greasy like a bucket of chicken grease hahahaha

One thing I am happy about is the student discounts that I get around the area. There’s a beach bar that I went to this weekend and I got 4 wells drinks (chill I paid for a friend) 1 Tito’s drink with a side of fries for 17 bucks!!!!! I mean where can you go wrong? Swear I’m not going to become an alcoholic in law school though. My yoga, meditation, and the gym are helping me stay pretty stress free and calm. Need some other stress reducing remedies? Check out my top 8 here. All in all, law school hasn’t made me want to pull a Britney Spears circa 07’ so I’m thankful for this first week. 

Your fave,

Breanna Nicole 

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