Why Law School?

Why Law School?

So Brie, why did you decide to go to law school? Let me start off by saying that I am your non-traditional law school student. I didn’t set out to get my law degree from the beginning. It wasn’t until after I got my bachelor’s degree in Criminology, which was in 2015, that I decided to attend law school. For the majority of my undergrad I worked full-time for a finance company  and was working with that company just up until recently. I made a pretty decent salary with the company and I had every opportunity to stay and continue to grow with the company to earn even more. The thought of me staying at that company makes my skin crawl.

I always thought being an attorney would be amazing. Growing up I was told that I would make a good lawyer because I loved to argue and I was so particular about things. Although people told me I would make a good lawyer, I didn’t believe I was capable enough to get into law school. Not only did I think I wouldn’t get in but I also thought it would be too hard for me to accomplish if I did get in. So what the hell made you change your mind and decide to apply and attend? It was just that! I changed my mind. Well, my mindset. I was sitting at home watching a marathon of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday one Sunday and every single person on there had a different experience with the same underlying takeaway. All of them at one point believed that they couldn’t do it what they were currently doing and it was because they were too fearful to try. These were interviews with some of the most influential and successful people. And every single person said their biggest regret was not starting sooner. That’s when it hit me. It’s not that I couldn’t do it and it’s not that I’m not capable enough or good enough to do it, it’s that I was just fearful of doing it.

It literally was a light bulb that went off inside of my head. It was after that point that I started to work on myself inward starting with my mindset. It’s so crazy how one thing can be the catalyst to change your entire life. After that point, I started to research what I needed to do to get into law school and formulate a plan to get me there.

If there is something that you have always thought about doing but stopped yourself because you thought you aren’t good enough, or you thought nobody would buy your product, or maybe you thought theres so many other people doing the same thing, do yourself and the universe a favor and go after that dream. These aspirations that we have don’t come out of nowhere. Maybe your dream may take a different course in a different direction and that direction can be your purpose here on Earth. It may sound like a cliche but everyone who is fortunate enough to still be breathing on this Earth has a purpose that should be fulfilled before they die. The reason for life is purpose. Your purpose is what leaves a stamp on this world and an impact to others.

Yes, your dream is going to take some hard work and dedication but if it didn’t it wouldn’t be worth it. The stuff that pushes us is the stuff that we are meant to do. It’s going to take time, you won’t be able to half-ass, and you may have some set backs. But every set back is just a lesson to be learned for the ultimate come back. Don’t settle. If your at a job that you hate, make the necessary moves to live the life of your dreams. Create a vision board, formulate a plan, do research. What is it that you want out of this life? What do you want your day to look like from day to day? Do you want to create your own schedule? Do you want to work from home? Do you want to be your own boss? Don’t let other’s opinions deter you from your dream and what you were meant to be.

Sweet Dreamin’

Your fave,

Breanna Nicole

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  1. This was really inspirational! I’m going through a similar situation where I didn’t get into a program I applied to and at first post hope, but this shows me that if you keep trying you’ll get where you need to be even if it takes you on a different path.

    1. Absolutely!!! If it takes you on another path it all ends up being worth it in the end because where you end up is your purpose.

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